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Air Freight Malaysia: Costs & Usage

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In the world of logistics, air freight stands tall as the go-to solution when urgency is non-negotiable. Cargo2u, a logistics company in Malaysia, offers key insights into air freight costs,  exploring the three main aircraft body types, and why picking the right shipping partner is important.

How to Calculate Air Freight Costs

Before determining the cost of air freight, keep in mind the following formula:
Volumetric Weight = (length x width x height) ÷ dimension factor*
*The dimension factor (Dim Factor) is a specific number. For regular air freight, it’s 6000, and for express couriers like FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc., it’s 5000.

For example: You are planning to ship 1 carton from Malaysia to China by air freight.

Air Freight Cost, Air Freight Malaysia

Factors to consider when choosing Air Freight or Sea Freight

Air Freight Malaysia, Sea Freight Malaysia

If you have trouble measuring your air freight charges, consider seeking the assistance of logistics experts such as Cargo2U. They provide secure and reliable logistics services in Malaysia, helping you navigate the complexities of shipping and ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

When Not to Use Air Freight?

  1. Non-Urgent Shipments: If your goods aren’t time-sensitive, opting for sea freight can be more cost-effective.
  2. Heavy or Bulky Items: For large and heavy items, sea freight often provides more economical shipping solutions compared to the higher costs associated with air transport.
  3. Budget Constraints: If you’re working within a tight budget, especially for larger shipments, sea freight is generally a more economical choice. However, even within budget limitations, air freight remains a viable option, especially for smaller shipments. Companies like DHL, FedEx, SF Express, and more offer cost-effective solutions for air freight, making it feasible to ship at the cheapest rates despite the constraints.

3 Types of Aircraft Bodies

Aircraft Body Type Maximum Pallet Height Passenger/Cargo
Narrow-body 64 inches (162.56 cm) Passenger/Cargo
Wide-body 96 inches (243.84 cm) Passenger/Cargo
Freighter Varies based on specific freighter model, typically ranging from 96 to 120 inches (243.84 to 304.8 cm) Exclusively Cargo

Regarding the operators and their specific aircraft types:

Narrow-body and wide-body aircraft, which carry both passengers and cargo, are typically operated by DHL, FedEx, SF Express, and UPS among others.
Dedicated freighter aircraft are operated by Korean Air, China Airlines, Cargolux, and other freight-focused carriers. These aircraft are exclusively designed for cargo transport.

However, it’s important to note that these are standard maximum heights, and cargo beyond these dimensions would require special arrangements. Oversized cargo might need custom packaging or handling and may necessitate the use of special equipment. Therefore, it’s advisable to coordinate with the airline operator or a reliable Freight forwarding agent in Malaysia to ensure proper accommodation and specialized handling if needed.

Choosing a Reliable Freight Forwarder Provider for Air Freight

For optimal air freight solutions, prioritize a seasoned airline or freight forwarder. Their expertise ensures they can tailor the best options based on your urgency and air freight charges.

Cargo2U stands among Malaysia’s top 10 freight forwarders, delivering both the most economical and competitive air freight services. Operating as an NVOCC in Malaysia and partnering with esteemed international agents like WCA, PPL, OLO, W3PLN, and JCTRANS, we maintain unparalleled service standards. Our extensive network and commitment to excellence enable us to consistently provide the most affordable air freight rates from Malaysia.

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