How freight forwarders do to assist in the Red Sea crisis?

Cargo Vessels in Conflict Zone

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In recent news, a Maersk vessel was struck by Iranian-backed Houthi fighters in the Red Sea, causing a 48-hour delay in all transit. This incident sheds light on the persistent risks faced by cargo vessels in conflict zones and has raised concerns about the safety and security of shipments.

As per The Guardian’s report, approximately 12% of worldwide trade flows through the Red Sea, encompassing 30% of the total global container traffic.  The Red Sea serves as a crucial route for billions of dollars worth of traded goods and supplies annually. Any delays can affect on petrol prices, electronics availability, and various aspects of the international trade landscape. These incidents have disrupted significant trade routes, which include Malaysian and ASEAN trade as reported by NST.

How will the shipping industry be impacted by the disruption?

The recent attack on a Maersk vessel in the Red Sea is causing more than just delays for shippers and consignees. Here’s a simple breakdown of how these events affect prices and other factors:

Key PointsImplications        
Higher Insurance CostsFrequent attacks could result in elevated insurance premiums for shipping companies, reflecting the heightened risks associated with navigating through the affected region.
Disruptions and Extra CostsDelays and heightened security measures can disrupt the supply chain, resulting in additional operational expenses for shippers and consignees. Managing these extra costs is crucial for financial stability.
Supply chain delaysWith potential rerouting and increased security checks, delays in the delivery of goods are likely, affecting businesses reliant on timely shipments.
Economic implicationsThe disruption may lead to increased costs for businesses, potentially impacting pricing and profitability, as well as contributing to a broader economic ripple effect.
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How Freight Forwarders Can Assist in this Situation?

At Cargo2U, our commitment is to provide comprehensive assistance to mitigate the impact of these disruptions. Here’s how we aim to support you:

1. Route Optimization

As a top 10 freight forwarder in Malaysia, we will work closely with you to assess the evolving situation and identify the most secure and efficient shipping routes, considering the current geopolitical challenges.

2. Real-time Updates

Our team will provide regular updates on the status of your shipments, keeping you informed about any changes in schedules, potential delays, or alternative routes to manage expectations effectively.

3. Insurance Guidance

Given the increased risks, we will guide you through the implications on insurance costs and help you make informed decisions to safeguard your cargo while minimizing financial impact.

4. Alternative Shipping Solutions

If rerouting becomes necessary, we will explore alternative shipping solutions and advise on the most efficient options and competitive pricing/rate to minimize delays and additional expenses.

5. Customs and Regulatory Compliance

Our experts will continuously stay informed about any changes in customs procedures and regulations specific to each country. This ensures that your shipments remain in full compliance with all necessary requirements, even in the face of disruptions.

How does Cargo2U provide secure and reliable freight forwarding services?

As a trusted logistics company in Malaysia, Cargo2u specializes in providing secure, reliable, and cost-effective ocean freight services. Specializing in cost-effective ocean freight, it operates as an NVOCC in Malaysia and collaborates with renowned international agents such as WCA PPL OLO W3PLN JCTRANS. With extensive coverage, Cargo2U provides peace of mind for businesses in Malaysia and globally.

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